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When New York Safety Program was granted approval in New York State, this report was used as a primary basis for renewing PIRP courses. As a matter of fact the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, after an extensive 2 year review of NYSP’s course content and training materials, has stated that,…”the final product now serves as a model for other programs.” An endorsement valued highly by NYSP.

In the results an independent study conducted to determine the effectiveness of the NYSP Driver Improvement Course, Pre Experimental refers to driving data collected from the participants before the course was given. The NYSP Behavior Modification Course was then given to this group and driving data collected; Post Experimental makes up this data. The Pre Control group had data collected during the same period of time as the Pre Experimental; Post Control had driving data collected during the same period as the Post Experimental but the Control group was NOT given the NYSP course.

The Control group is used to see if anything besides the NYSP Course caused the number of violations to be so dramatically reduced. If there were other factors besides the program, such as a change in weather conditions, then we would expect the Control group to show approximately the same amount of violation decrease. In fact, the number of violations went from 2719 to 2590, a less than 5% decrease. This result isolates the NYSP Behavior Modification Course as the ONLY factor causing the decrease in violations.


The NYSP Behavior Modification Course shows the most dramatic results with a 65% reduction in traffic violations.

The results of a similar test again show the NYSP Behavior Modification Course to decrease vehicle accidents with a 35% reduction.