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Our History

Mr. Anthony Perlongo, founder of the New York Safety Program, has been a nationally prominent leader in the field of driver safety. His accomplishments as a State and National President of the Driver Education Guild, Executive Director of the Highway Safety Foundation, New York University Instructor in Driver Education and Training, co-chairman to the Advisory Board of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, and member of various civic organizations have brought him recognition throughout the Country.

The New York Safety Program is proud and honored to have as a member of its Board of Trustees, the nationally known Dr. Leonard F. Dalton, Panel Member Education Appeal Board, United States Dept. of Education, who is known to be the "Father of the Behavior Modification Course". In 1974, Dr. Dalton, a Public School Administrator in California and a National Consultant for the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, developed specific performance objectives for each program, and provided criterion referred pre-tests, post-tested, learning activities, media methods, references, follow-up studies and training instructors.

In the 1960's traffic violator school courses were initiated by off-duty police. Since then, the courts have offered traffic violators the choice of paying the fine in which points are charged to their record (resulting in possible insurance rate increase and possible loss of driving privilege) or attending a court approved driver education course. Since driver attitude is THE major contribution to both unsafe and irresponsible driving, Dr. Dalton instituted the above-mentioned programs designed to change attitudes and thereby obtain a change in behavior. As pioneers of this particular program, you can be assured that we have formulated, what we believe to be, one of the best and most comprehensive courses available in the State of New York.

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Road Rage is a Problem; NYSP has the Solution

New York Safety Program sponsors the Driver Improvement Course that has been approved by the New York State Dept. Of Motor Vehicles for Point Reduction and the Dept. of Insurance for Insurance Reduction in New York State. The NYSP course is a six hour classroom course that uses behavior modification methodology to positively influence attitude and therefore, behavior behind the wheel. Certified instructors, using modern multimedia techniques, will teach you the roles and responsibilities of the individual driver, traffic laws, emergency and defensive driving methods. There are no tests to pass and there is no driving involved. The NYSP course is available Statewide through a network of approved training agencies.

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Who is Eligible?

  • All drivers, regardless of violation and accident record.

  • Youthful drivers in addition to discounts for drivers education training.

  • Assigned "risk" drivers.

  • Commercial Vehicle Operators

  • Drivers of ALL ages

  • Motorcycle Drivers

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Benefits Include

  • A 10% savings on Auto Liability, Collision and No-fault each year for 3 full years.

  • Up to a 4 point reduction on driving record.

  • Greater Driver safety awareness

  • Protecting the lives and safety of family and friends.

  • Protecting assets from potential lawsuits.

  • Saving money on out-of-pocket medical and legal expenses, in addition to auto insurance deductibles.

  • Saving time and money from avoiding costly violations.

Can you afford NOT to take our program???

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Can your business use the NYSP?

Motor vehicle crash injuries on and off the job cost employers almost $60 billion annually in 1998–2000.  Employers’ health care (medical) costs of crash injuries were $7.7 billion.  In 1998–2000, each year motor vehicle crashes killed an estimated 2,114 people while they were working and injured 353,000.  crashes cost employers over $24,500 per crash, and over $128,000 per injury. 

Annual Number of Injuries of Workers and their Dependents
Due to Motor Vehicle Crashes




Off-the-job in
commercial crash













Lost Work Day





Non Lost Work










*includes 211 deaths that did not occur on public roads; and
**includes 67,000 on-the-job crash injuries that did not occur on public roads (2000 SOII)

Lost workday injuries include those resulting in an inability to perform either wage or household work.

Many employers do not even realize that on and off the job, there are countless direct and hidden expenses of crashes which can have a devastating impact on their financial stability. In addition to health care and property damage, consider other substantive costs, such as hiring a temporary employee, lower productivity, insurance premiums and lawsuits.

The New York Safety Program can help control these costs, and save lives. Your potential savings can be as high as $50,000 per million vehicle miles of travel. Protecting employees from motor vehicle crash injury can be a profitable investment of time and resources.

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Multiple Benefits

  • Your business saves money.

  • Company Employees Save money on their personal vehicle insurance & 4 points reduced from DMV record.



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Everyone Benefits 
From The New York Safety Program Driver Improvement Course)

  • Individuals can benefit through the Actual and Potential Benefits previously described.

  • Clubs, Organizations, Churches, Synagogues, Schools can all benefit by offering the course as a member benefit and/or fund-raiser.

  • Businesses, Corporations, and Municipalities can save $$$ on vehicle, medical and disability insurance, worker’s compensation, legal expenses, vehicle damage and replacement, recruitment and training costs, and more.

  • You can benefit as a student, provider, organization member or business owner.

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