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The New York Safety Program

New York Safety Program sponsors the Driver Improvement Course that has been approved by the New York State Dept. Of Motor Vehicles for Point Reduction and the Dept. of Insurance for Insurance Reduction in New York State.

Who is Eligible?

  • Youthful drivers in addition to discounts for driver education training.
  • Drivers of ALL ages.
  • Motorcycle Drivers.
  • Commercial Vehicle Operators.
  • Assigned “risk” drivers.
  • All drivers, regardless of violation or accident record.

About the Course

  • 6-hour course.
  • Available Statewide in the classroom or online.
  • Multimedia teaching techniques.
  • No tests or driving practicals.

Benefits of the Course


A 10% savings on Auto Liability, Collision and No-fault each year for 3 full years.


Up to a 4 point reduction on driving record.


Greater Driver safety awareness to protect family, friends, and strangers.


Protecting assets from potential lawsuits and avoiding costly violations.


Saving money on out-of-pocket medical and legal expenses, in addition to auto insurance deductibles.

The winter of 1994 was one of the worst the northeast region has experienced in years. The east coast received in excess of 23 snow storms which exacerbated road conditions in the area. Despite the severe weather, the number of claims received during that year was 25% less than the average for the years prior to defensive driving. There is little doubt that programs of this nature significantly improve the driver’s ability to deal with adverse road conditions. . . Therefore, I strongly support the continuation of this program.

Paul Bauccio

Benefits & Risk Manager Suffolk County, NY

I wanted you to know that all the participants (seventy-one) in the first two classes have agreed that this program is an important public service – not only for individual insurance policy cost reduction ($21,300.00 plus estimated total savings for the first two groups), but also as a part of accident and injury prevention which is a benefit for the entire community. The participants indicated they would recommend this course to others. . .My personal observation is that the New York Safety Program Course is outstanding in the field of defensive driving and I recommend it for every motor vehicle operator.

Garry E. Lent

Former Justice, Hudson Valley Excel and Safety Program

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